Cyber Defense Concerns On Global Security Essays

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Cyber Defense Concerns in Global Security
The cyber domain spans both physical and logical borders across the globe. No longer is every aspect of a domain clearly part of a single state. Occurrences within cyberspace have far reaching effects. 15 million T-Mobile customer’s data stolen via Experian server compromise, massive cyber-attacks on Estonia and Georgia networks (2007 and 2008 respectively), and over $1 trillion reportedly lost due to cybercrime. These are just a few concerns facing global and state level security, demonstrating significant concern and requirement for action. Criminal syndicates, other non-state and state actors use cyberspace to conduct illegal activities. Threats continue to grow with the help of several countries that continue to allow and proliferate illegal cyber activities. Policies and strategies dealing with these concerns and countries are also a problem and lack the emphasis or impact to create change. The future path to securing cyberspace is an international issue and must utilize global efforts. State governments must impose cyber security regulations in order to achieve effective global security.
Types of Concerns Across the globe several concerns arise within each state due to the growing reliance on internationally interconnected systems and networks. The first of three primary concerns is Cybercrime. This in and of itself, costs companies over $7.7 million a year and rising (Ponemon Institute, 2015). The second concern…

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