Essay on Cyber Criminals Just Like Burglars And Thieves

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Cyber criminals just like burglars and thieves have many different ways to steal your online information (money and identity). In the same way you wouldn’t leave your door unlocked or open, you must also take precaution to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft online.

Online identity theft occurs when someone gains unauthorized access to your personal information, such as your name, social security number, banking or credit card information and uses the information fraudulently or to commit crimes such as – but not limited to – making purchases and applying for credit. Not only can online identity theft cost you money, it can also be a big headache trying to prove your innocence.

I wrote this book to make readers aware of the common fraudulent tricks that online criminals employ and to give you tips to protect your identity from theft while shopping online.

In this book you will learn:

 Ways to tell if a site is secure
 How to spot phishing
 Popular and common scams

And so much more….

The rule of thumb here is that knowledge is power. Very often we fall into a trap because of ignorance. We simply did not know. Our ignorance sometimes can be very cost, and result in damages that are seemingly irreparable. Some have managed to recover before any real damage is done, but most have found this experience to be an absolute nightmare.

Let us briefly examine some of the major tricks of the trade, and we will elaborate on these later.

The Old Switcheroo

The old…

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