Cyber Bullying : The Biggest Issue Faced By Students And Non Students Alike

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Cyber bullying is considered as the biggest issue faced by students and non-students alike in the digital age. Cyber bullying, or Online Harassment is an ever-changing danger that evolves as technology advances. There are many ways Cyber bullying and Bullying can be alike and different. Cyber bullying has spread like wildfire not only nationwide, but also worldwide through the Internet and Social Media. Students who are Cyber bullied show signs of mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. Cyber bullying is a serious problem that needs to be solved.
"Online Harassment has grown 50% in just five years and continues to increase" (Safe Wave) To better understand the issue, we should first know the similarities and differences between Cyber bullying and Bullying. There are many ways Cyber bullying and Bullying can be alike and different. First, both are harmful to victims. Next, Cyber bullying is recurring and tends to be more unnoticed because of private chats, whileface to face bullying has more probability of being stopped. A cyber bully’s messages are continuous and takes a long time to be reported, this means that the messages will stick with the victim for a much longer time before justice to the bully had been done.Even though Cyber bullying usually causes mental harm, it can also lead to physical harm, usually self-inflicted. According to Shaheen Shariff, a cyber bully researcher at McGill University, “A cyber bully’s word can damage a person’s self-esteem…

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