Cyber Bullying Should Be A Crime Essay

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Should Cyber-Bullying be a Crime? Nowadays, people spend more and more time on the internet than they did in past 10 years. They post their information online, share their happy moments, read the news, and comment on other people's personal life. This is a new way of how people communicate with each other. It certainly makes communication much easier, but there are some disadvantages about using the internet. People may get offended by others, and bullying may occur online, which is cyber-bullying. Along with the invention of the internet, people are able to make themselves become a single letter or a symbol, maybe even someone else. They are hiding behind those symbols safely and they don't have to take any responsibility for the words they speak out online. The internet becomes a shield protecting people from the consequences of their online actions, which it increases the possibility of people seeking harm to others. It makes bullying become simple and relatively risk free. All these observations can be enforced by how primitive online communities can become.
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The harm of privacy and reputation can bring into the civil suit. Administrative suit mainly focuses on the penalties for insulting, defamation, and invasion of privacy such as citizen’s personal information. A criminal suit mainly focuses on the relative crimes which are formed from cyber-bullying. Cyber- bullying has infringed citizens' rights in three different aspects, including personal interest, social order, and national interest. An individual usually gets harmed in their personal interest from cyber-bullying by hurting their reputation and exposure to their privacy. The abusers attack them by insulting, defamation and human flesh search engine, these hurt victim’s privacy rights and reputation, it is mainly focused on civil laws to protect the

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