Children Should Not Be Allowed To Use Social Media

How would interaction be a benefiting concept in life, when it is no longer practiced? The lack of communication between people among themselves, because of the Internet and social media, is an unnoticed life-affecting problem. Children 13 years of age and younger should not be allowed to use social media for the fact that it may provoke (short and long term) negative outcomes. Within these outcomes, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and interpersonal skills are included.
To begin with, sexual harassment is not a foreign concept, nor is it unheard of throughout the world in modern day. Girls at the age of 13, or younger, are not capable or mature enough to control their diverse emotions. At this age they are still considered children, vulnerable,
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Although schools attempt to display the consequences of cyber bullying to students through many videos, it seems to not matter to them until they experience it themselves. Today’s children, starting at the age of 6, have phones, tablets, iPad’s, and other electronics that enable them to see and embrace negative doings. According to a CBS News report from 2010, “Cyber-bullying has spread widely among youth, with 42% reporting that they have been victims.” There wouldn’t be as much cyber bullying if teens would detach their nose from their electronic. Through research we have found that “Hyper-networking” teens (those who spend more than 3 hours per school day on social networks) are 110% more likely to be a victim of cyber bullying, compared to those who don’t spend as much time on social networks.” The outcomes that social media can cause for a person may be greater than just becoming a victim of cyber bullying. Although people don’t realize it, cyber bullying is an immense problem within the world that has, many times, lead to suicide. In a YouTube video Amanda Todd posted her cyber-bullied story, which impacted people throughout the world; so much that a news cast channel brought attention to it. Amanda’s story demonstrates very well the main argument that has been stated: her mistake of exposing a picture of her chest to the Internet, in 7th grade, evoked for an unending trend of cyber bullies. Amanda’s error caught up to her one year later when the bullying started, and from then on it continued to affect her mentally and socially, so much that she proceeded on moving schools various times. Her action was like a ghost, haunting her, following her wherever she went, leading her to harm herself in multiple ways. She “started cutting, drank bleach,” cried constantly, and she overdosed. What was the need for a boy to request a

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