Cyber Bullying Is The Act That Occurs Using Electronic Technology

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Cyber bullying
Thesis statement – cyber bullying is the act that occurs using electronic technology. It may include different forms of devices like computers cell phones and also tablets and any other means of social media communication tools. Cyber bullying is a problem known globally. Sometimes it may be unnoticed most of the times when it happens, but cyber bullying can be very destructive and most of the times are very lethal to those people who are being bullied. A lot of people and nations are standing up against it but cyber bullying is happening very fast around the globe. There are different forms of cyber bullying which can course harm to different people or the targeted group in the society , they include but not limited to denigration, exclusion, outing, trickery, impersonation, harassment and cyber stalking. These are one of the major forms of cyber bullying problems in the world today.
Types of cyber bullying: flaming involves online fights through emails, instant messaging and chat rooms where rude comments are exchanged. An example of this form of flaming is whereby in October 2006, Megan Meier a young girl took her own life after cyber bullying. One of the friends started sending her abusive emails and she was not happy with them. After this rude and malicious act the young girl decided to take her own life. Denigration is having mean messages online through emails, instant messages or websites in order to make fun of someone. In June 2000, Susan Jones…

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