Cyber Bullying Is A Problem All Across The World It Has No Bound

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Cyber bullying is a problem all across the world it has no bound. It has gone undetected most of the time. Cyber bulling is a very harmful and it can become fatal now that it has become a fact of life more people are standing up to fight against it. But there is still a lot of work to be done.


Jill Laster , TTHE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION, 2 SCHOLARS EXAMINE CYBERBULLYING AMONG COLLEGE STUDENTS A girl name Megan who was 14 at the time she was bully through the internet, No one knew that this was going on she kill herself. Megan 's death made national news and spark a wave of research on cyber bullying awareness. In hope that people will know what cyber bully was and that it does exist. Baylor 's School of Education got involve and Ikuko Aoyama, presented her work on sex differences in cyber bullying the question that were ask. differences researchers found in male and female bullying? the fact that this is taking place how does it virtually affect bullying?
. Is the effect of cyber bullying as the victim differ the traditional bullying?
The paper presented at the education-research conference says that "considering the fact that as many as 70 percent of middle- and high-school students have experienced cyber bullying, it is probable that the prevalence among college students will be higher" in the future.
The author Jill Laster written was about the dynamics of cyber bulling. "bully-victim" group", but it is not clear what the…

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