Essay on Cyber Bullying Causes Suicide And Depression

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Cyberbullying is brutal to the victim in lots of ways. Cyberbullying cases or stories happen to teenagers(Cloud 60-63 ). Most cyberbullying cases do not end really well. Teens get cyber bullied because they do not wear good clothes,or they are gay. Teen do not call themselves victims, teens also call themselves a bully(Cloud 60-63). Teens all around the world are getting cyberbullied. Austrian asked all over the world how many are getting cyberbullied on the internet. 9.1 per cent said they had untrue accusations of inappropriate behaviour levelled against them (“Time to Catch Web Bullies." ). Cyber bullying causes suicide and depression in teens. Teen Suicide and depression has increased since social media. In nineteen days there were four cases of suicide cyberbullying cases. The four cases were in different city each one wrote they could not take it anymore(Cloud 60-63). All four cases were in september. These cases are because there classmate cyber bullied these kids. All the cases were boys because of their sexuality. All the cases were in 2010.
One of the cases were in Greensburg,Indiana. William Lucas was 15 when William hanged himself in his parents barn. William hung himself on September 9. William friend said that he was cyberbullied repeated principals, school resource officers would not do anything. William friend said that William could not take it anymore (Cloud 60-63).
The second cases was in New York City. Tyler Clementi was 18 when Tyler jumped off of…

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