Cyber Bullying : Bullying And Bullying Essay examples

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Remember getting on social media, seeing a post that made tears come rolling down? People in our world like to go on social media and make fun of other people, and these people are known as cyber bullies. What is cyber bullying? Bullying, in general, is an aggressive behavior that has any harm or influence on a person. The different types of bullying are physical bullying, cyber bullying, and verbal bullying. All types of bullying have a strong influence on a person. Cyber bullying is one of the many forms of bullying. While cyber bulling has been around for a while, the rate is steadily increasing as our Internet increases. More people are cyber bullied because the bullies target more than one person at a time. All cyber bullying is done on the Internet but can lead to physical bullying. Cyber bullying is when a person is harassed, tormented, embarrassed, or threatened through social media.
Cyber bullying can cause serious damage to people. When a person sees an embarrassing post about them on social media that is Cyber bullying. People will hurt themselves because they have been cyber bullied. In our world people do not realize how much damage they can do to another just through social media. Cyber bullying can lead to people going into depression and lowering their self-esteem. A victim of cyber bullying is even willing to commit suicide. Victims will be scared to go to school because they are terrified of what may happen to them. Words being said about a person are just…

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