Cyber Bullying And The Worst Things We Live Essay

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Social networking or social media are a great way to keep in touch with friends or family or just away to keep up with the social life of everyone around you. As we all know there are consequences to everything that seems good in the life we live in today, such as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is one of the worst things we live with today not only for teens but young adults. It is a very stressful and dangerous way to deal with things and can have some very gruesome consequences manly with teen’s such as depression and even suicidal thoughts, as I will explain to you how it is harmful and how we can try to prevent it. We can prevent it by screening for bullies and personality’s, get their parents involved, having it in your community like a group. Some sequences to being bullied is suffering a lot of the children suffer from bullying and don’t tell their parents or friends, another one is seeking revenge when one person bullies a student sometimes the one that is getting bullied they will come back at them and seek revenge, and the last one is depressed or suicidal kids or adults get so depressed that sometimes they kill themselves or hurt themselves. I believe we can prevent cyber bullying by doing these three things. I feel that children and adults have the accountability to do whatever they feel to do and either have a punishment or not to have one. Cyber bulling has many ways of showing itself in many different ways. It also has many effects not only mentally but…

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