Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On The Society Essay

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Introduction Cyber-bullying causes abusing individuals through the use of technology. For example, the internet, mobile phones as well as tablets have been used by individuals with bad intentions to affect on the rights of others. Cyber-bullying tends to lower the dignity of those who are abused and they seem to be worried as false information about them and may be taken by individuals who aren’t supposed to have such information. The health of those affected by cyber-bullying deteriorates as they are psychologically tortured by their problem. The worst effects of cyber-bullying on the members of the society include depression and suicide. For example, the social media that is misused by the youths has greatly caused cyber-bullying whose effects are not only negative to the individuals directly affected by the persons of the society as well. The advancements in technology Social institutions like the schools and families got big responsibility. In ensuring that the fight against cyber-bullying is won. Cyber-bullying has many different effects such as depression and suicide and families and schools are responsible in addressing this complex issue and removing it from the society.
1- What is the role of Nurses in Fighting Cyber-bullying? The nurses have played an important role in dealing with the victims of cyber-bullying. This is by liaising with the schools and the parents of the children who have been affected by cyber-bullying. They give medical aid to those whose…

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