Cyber Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

1384 Words Nov 5th, 2014 null Page
Throughout the past decade, bullying has evolved from the schoolyard to the internet and in turn, become more vicious and hurtful. Traditional bullying takes place on the schoolyard. This means that it can not only be physically seen and heard, but it also involves an element of reflection and planning. On the other hand, cyber bullying utilizes technology such as email, texting, social media sites, and blogs in order to harm others. As well, in comparison to traditional bullying, cyber bullying can be more anonymous and instantaneous. Even though many people will argue that traditional forms of bullying are more harmful than their cyber equivalents due to their physical nature, cyber bullying can be worse than conventional forms of bullying because of the ways that its anonymity and viral nature impact an individual 's way of life as well as its preventability. Bullying can have a massive impact on a victim for the rest of his/her life. Results from different studies show that victims of cyber bullying report lower levels and enthusiasm for academic performance, a poor family relationship, and a number of psychosocial difficulties. These outcomes are very similar to those reported by victims of traditional bullying. (Sticca, Perren). A study conducted by Dr. Dan Olweus, Professor of Psychology at The University of Bergen, Norway, was designed to question adults who had been bullied as children about how it has affected them since (Elliot 241). It was found that 70% of the…

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