Cyber Bullying : An Arising Problem Essay

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Cyber-bullying: An Arising Problem
Cyberbully should be demonstrated to college students, this movie encourages awareness and exhibits the potential dangers of the internet via social networking. Copious on-going apprehensions of bullying were illustrated in Cyberbully. Taylor Hiltridge, which stands as the main character, receives a laptop for her birthday. Taylor is jubilant as her mother is trusting her to go on-line without adult supervision. Enthusiastically, she produces an on-line profile for a social networking site named,” Cliquesterz.” Consequential circumstances following the creation of the profile, cascade into chaos, as she falls victim to cyber-bullying and treachery of her most trusted friends. Defenseless, crumbling with the unwarranted judgement and relentless pressure of harassment, she is pushed to the brink of destruction, resulting in an attempted suicide. The prominence of cyber-bullying as a serious subject, oblige for addressment. Imperative to the impediment of this measure, transmitting information among college learners, forewarning a cognizance to assimilate the perils, may help suffice this problem.
The implementation of technology and social networking has increasingly gained popularity among the younger generation. Generating a dramatic growth in teenagers utilizing the web, excessive usage has prompted many vulnerable, prone to cyber-bullying. Anyone can become a target, but a distinct amount of teenagers has struggled with this type of…

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