Cyber Bullying Affects People 's Lives More Than One Might Think

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Cyber bullying Cyber bullying affects many people 's lives more than one might think. Many people do not realize how many children and teens are on the Internet. In the last month in excess over 95% of children have been online (“Cyber bullying Facts”). Because children feel the need to be on the Internet so much they create easy targets for cyber bullies (Mathews). Adults don 't understand how important the Internet and social media is to children. The way that adults and parents act towards cyber bullying is not the way they should because it can get really serious at times. Cyber bullying is one of the greatest threat to teenagers today.
Social Media
A vast majority of teens are involved in some type of social media. Out of all the teens that are online, over 80% of them use social media (“Teens Fact Sheet”). Having so many people on social media causes social media to be one of the main causes of cyber bullying. There are many different types of social media that teens use today. Three of the most popular are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Around 45% of teens use Facebook (Blaszczak-Boxe). Although there are many privacy settings on Facebook, users can still receive private messages from people they are not “friends” with. According to CBS News, 76% of teens use Instagram (Blaszczak-Boxe). The amount of teens using Instagram has increased dramatically since 2012. With new social media services coming in all the time parents are going to have a hard time keeping up…

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