Cyber Bullying : A Global Phenomenon Essay

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As the new advancement in technology are providing new mean and medium to mankind for making their life easy and better. In this way online communication is being developed. The online communication helps a person to communicate with hundreds and thousands of people on a single click. The mostly common used platform is social networking sites such as Facebook, tweeter and link din, Snapchat etc. This helps one to stay in touch with others and shares his/her ideas thought and opinion. Every coin has two sides if we look on the other side there are lot of negative effects such as fraud and cheating that gives rise to cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is the use of information mediums in order to harm others. This phenomenon is increasing day by day throughout the world. With increasing globalization and modernisation, cyber bullying is becoming a global phenomenon due to exposure to western culture throughout the world, cheaper electronic devices and increasing use of social sites.
Firstly, cyberbullying is global phenomenon, exposure of people to different culture. Due to globalization the world is becoming a global village. People travel from one country to another country therefor culture are mixing up and cyberbullying becoming like a viral which is covering the whole world. As the glob is messed up in various culture and a result of having their unique personality or being unique attracts criticism which leads to disagreement and ultimate bullying from people no matter…

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