The Four Types Of Cyber Attacks

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1). Cyber Attacks have become a modifying epidemic sweeping across the nation affecting any or almost all types of computer systems. In the past network, breaches were often kept quiet. The 2014 year broke the silents, as major department stores, government agencies, financial institutions, and software companies fall victim to the many attacks on our nation. These administrated attacks conducted by Russia and China presented devasting effects on our nation economy. Meanwhile, the issue of who should be accountable for the attacks on major and small business, now come into play.
b. Technology has reshaped all operations over the world. Why you’ll, it has improved the nation people still question its accountability. Educators for one, want
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Computers remain the sources of facilities everyday operation. They run the world; they are assistance, data keepers, and transporters. However, with computers dilemma 's also follow. The literacy of today 's society effectiveness to communicate will others remain in questionable, because of the dependency computers create. Although, the primary issue Americans face are virus infecting the computers and hacking retrieving valuable data. d. The Illuminai is a well known secret society that as prospered for decades.
Many aspects of this secret group remains silenced. This group has great influence on the government and media. Their messages are embedded with movies, music, t.v shows, and news. Many news shows fail to report events that are carried out within that circle their goal is to deviate societies attention from the real issues at hand. The group as established tactics to remain in control of the goverment, nation, and population. The obstacles generation are typically felt by the general public like- population control(inventing food shortage, contamination, moral corruption, racial dissertation, and removal of Religion. This society was created because the most powerful people in the world play an important part in the nation. Several of these people serve as role models to our kids, which are steadily being brain-washed. Moreover, as we move forward in the future, the group will strengths as society falls apart before
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Some of the pratical uses of cyber attacks are- fake wireless access points, cookie theft, and file name tricks. Fake wireless access enables hackers to mimic the free wifi of the establishment they are currently in. When users coonect the hacker can then sniff the users computer for unprotected data. With cookies theft hacks gather information about the users search sites, followed by log-in passwords. This in return allows them to replicate that particular user. Lastly file name tricks are now modernized where the use Unicode characters to mulipulate the appearance of a file name, causing Windows Operating System to extart the file realeasing the virus. All these techques are more reason for user to be alert, and catious of data they

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