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Third Periodical Exam In TLE – III
(Bread & Pastry Production)

Name: ___________________ Year and Section: __________________ Date: _____________
TEST I: Multiple Choice
Direction: Read each item carefully and choose the letter of the best answer from the choices below by shading it. 1. It is a process which will remove soil and prevent accumulation of food residues. a. b. Cleaning c. Chelating d. Sanitizing e. Sterilizing 2. 3. A process that will reduce the bacterial count to a safe level f. g. Cleaning h. Chelating i. Sanitizing j. Sterilizing 4. 5. The correct procedure in the cleaning operation is: k. Prewash, wash, rinse and
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Prepare diluted vinegar solution in a bucket . Collect loose dust by sweeping the kitchen floor daily 12. Proper storage and handling of cleaned and sanitized equipment and utensils is very important to prevent ______ prior to use. . Contamination b. Rust c. Spoilage d. Unclean 13. All utensils must then be thoroughly dried before they are re-used. . . True . False . Maybe . Uncertain 14. 15. Chemical sanitizers or very hot water were used in absence of dishwasher . . True . False . Maybe . Uncertain 16. 17. The following are the factors influence the effectiveness of chemical sanitizers except one. Which one? . Concentration b. Cleaning agent c. Contact time d. Temperature 18. A cleaning agent that can penetrate soil quickly and soften it.
a. Acid cleaners b. Abrasive cleaners c. Detergents d. Solvent cleaner 19. Which of the following is most commonly used to sanitize surfaces. . . Hot air . Hot water . Steam . Heat 20.

21. Which is the proper way to store kitchen tools? . Hang them in a rack . Keep them in the cabinets . Place them in one box . Classify them according to use 22. It is often called degreasers a. Acid cleaners b. Abrasive cleaners c.

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