Cutting Arts Programs From Public Schools Essay

1157 Words Dec 11th, 2016 5 Pages
As public school systems are faced with the constant need to trim the fat from their budgets; the arts and music programs tend to be the first casualties in school districts already struggling to meet other demands of the academic curriculum. Guoping Zhao says that, “In education, art has often been perceived as entertainment and decoration and is the first subject to go when there are budget cuts or test score pressures.” It seems once these cuts are made; it is very rare for these arts programs to be restored. Many educators are saying that it may be years before these arts programs return to some public school districts. The question that many people argue is what affects cutting arts programs from public schools have on the students.

When one thinks back to elementary school some of the most exciting moments were those spent in music and art classes. Learning to create art projects, paint with water colors, or play a musical instrument was something to look forward to. Many school districts today are unable to offer these opportunities to students. With so little public funding available for arts programs, many school systems look to private funding. Private funding has now covered the expenses of everything from the marching band program to music programs at an elementary level. “The Elementary and Secondary Act, also known as the No Child Left Behind Act, has acted as a national curriculum policy by enabling school administrators to conceive of a curriculum that…

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