Essay about Customized learning Theory: Annotated Bibliography

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Customized learning Theory: Annotated Bibliography The fact that people have different learning capacities and that people can absorb content differently is fueling the rise and acceptance of customized learning. Is customized learning the way to go in ensuring that every student needs are met? Many still are proponents of the traditional method of instruction citing the massive resources required for adoption and full implementation of customized learning. Despite this, is am a serious proponent of quality rather than quantity and therefore my position is that customized learning I the way to go. The argument for resources is rather weak because if a student needs are not met (in traditional
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The authors are credible because they cite authorities to support their arguments rather than presenting their points of view. They really appeal to logic because they allow the reader to see that each one of us has a different growth curve, which is bound to bring about personal differences. This source has strong points; why people may grow to be different. However, it focuses too much on the growth process as the only way people may be different, it does not factor in the issue of genes and hereditary that is very vital in explaining differences in people.
DeVries, Rheta. Educational Researcher, Vol. 26, No. 2, pp. 4-17 Published by: American Educational Research Association Article Stable URL:, 1997
DeVries discusses the Piaget’s social theory in this article. DeVries argues that the current debate on the role of individual and social factors in development often present Piaget as giving primacy to individual cognitive process in contrast to Vygotsky’s view of the primacy of social and cultural factors. Today, it is popular to refer to Piaget’s child as a solitary scientist who is constructing knowledge apart from the social context. However, according DeVries, this view is

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