Customers Preferences in the Food Chinese Market Essay example

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Literature Review


This paper seeks to identify the customer’s preferences, behavior and shift of behavior in the Chinese food market and how they can influence foreign companies’ marketing strategy.
This literature review shows that, pushed by a multitude of factors, the Chinese food consumption and food consumer’s behavior have strongly changed over the past 10 years, both in quantity and quality demand, creating a lot of opportunities for foreign companies. Moreover, the Chinese cultural background and preferences are identified as playing an important role in the willingness to buy (WTB) and shopping habits which prompts for a more adaptive approach of marketing.


In the past decade, China
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What factors influence the decision making and behavior of the Chinese food consumer?
How can or should it influence foreign companies marketing strategy?

In order to answer these questions, this paper will first attempt to identify socio-economic factors, their influence on consumption behavior on the Chinese Food Market and subsequently on foreign companies.
In a second time the paper will investigate the weight of cultural preferences and behavior and their influence on both the Chinese Market and foreign companies.

Theoretical Background

The previous literature is mostly more restrictive and less comprehensive regarding the subject and tends to focus on a single aspect of the Chinese food consumer behavior without looking for the bigger picture, (Clemes, 2014; Peng et al., 2015; Xu-Priour, 2013) which this papers aims at achieving.
This can be explained on one hand by the fragmentation of the market due to the width and high heterogeneity of the food market segment in China, which tends to limit the generalization of findings and to promote a more localized focus of research (Ralston et al.,1996).
On the other hand, Social Marketing, in its pursuit of identification and adaptation of a target segment’s preferences and behaviors, is a very complex process which involves the analysis of numerous factors which make for a very difficult comprehensive research and explains this fragmentation.

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