Essay on Customer Value in Budget Airline Industry

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1. Introduction
Nowadays, in the context of very severe competition among companies, a good product is no longer a strong enough source of companies’ competitive advantage, though it is still necessary to remain competitive of companies in the market. Many companies have focused on reengineering or flattening their organization to reduce cost and increase profit but the overall results did not meet their expectation of profit. Therefore, more and more companies are accomplishing strategies to provide more preeminent customer value which will help the companies consolidate their competitive advantage and achieve long-term profitability. Companies have responded to customers’ expectation by increasing the value offered to them through
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“Exploration is particular useful when researchers lack a clear idea of the problems they will meet during study. Through exploration researchers develop concepts more clearly, establish priorities, develop operational definitions, and improve the final research design” (Donald. R Cooper et al., 2008). Generally, exploration is often closed linked to qualitative research and may be the first step in a sequence of studies (Lawrence Neuman, 2000).
Description: Description is used when researchers want to develop their idea in specific details (Lawrence Newman, 2000). The researchers try to create profile of characteristics, features, problems, or events by answering the questions who, what, where, when and how etc. to describe or define a subject (Donald. R Cooper et al., 2008). Description research does not answer question “why” and also does not describe the reason of problem.
Explanation: When research study a topic or issue that is already define and have a description of it, researchers may try to find out the reason of issue and answer question “why” it occurs like that. Based on exiting description of problem, researchers will study to look for causes and reasons of problem; this is explanatory research (Lawrence Neuma, 2000). “Research that studies the relationship between two or more variables is also referred to as a correlational study.” (Donald. R Cooper et al., 2008). 3.3

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