Customer Surveillance Is The Invasion Of Privacy Essay examples

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The Customer Surveillance is Useful
Nowadays, the purchase is essential to humans because of humans ‘need in daily lives. They shop as a habit in their free time or need to buy foods, drinks, vegetable, rice, and household items. When they purchase many times, they need the preference such as free gifts, coupons, and products discount. Then, to understand customers’ behavior is very important to retailers, so the customer surveillance is applied for a lot of stores popularly. Customer surveillance extends to many ways which are separate cameras, loyalty cards, Internet shopping behaviors, and infrared heat maps. These are good ideas to take care of their customers. The retailers monitor their customers, which are logical because they need to capture the interests and needs of the customers, create favorable conditions for obtaining the products, and develop their marketing strategies.
First of all, it is essential to capture the interests and needs of the customers. Some people believe that the customer surveillance is the invasion of privacy because the customers purchase their own money and they need to be respected. In fact, the customer surveillance creates benefits for both sides which are customers and retailers. It helps the retailer know what their customers like and need. Then, the retailers can take care of their customer enthusiastically. Besides that, they can sell the products which the customers…

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