Customer Services : A Canadian Based Company Services Essay

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Roell Customer Services is a Canadian based company providing services such as customer care to mid-size businesses. Roell provides outsourced solutions and services to businesses who specifically desire twenty-four-seven, high quality servicing. Serving the province of Ontario, Roell accommodates any business needs such as providing their service in both Canadian French and English dialect.
The advantages for insourcing includes complete control and overview of the process. Disadvantages are that it requires higher volumes, higher investment and dedicated equipment. For outsourcing the advantages are cost savings, gain outside experience, improving operations and services, focusing on core competencies and gain outside technology. Disadvantages involving with outsourcing are increased transportation cost, loss of control, creating future competition, negative impact on employees and longer-term impact.

Cost Comparison:
Current Online Contact (Call) Center India Proposal
Personnel Costs
• 60 Full time technical experts @ $50,000 per year= $3,000,000
• 3 Supervisors @ $60,000 per year (including Salaries and Benefits) = $180,000 Fixed Costs
• $2,900,000 per year contract (covers all administrative and IT costs)
Equipment Costs
• 3 servers @ $4,000 each per year = $12,000
• 25 PCs @ $1,200 each year =$30,000 Equipment Costs
• Part of proposal
Variable Costs
• $1.40 per contract (office supplies, fax paper etc.) @ 600,000 contracts per year = $840,000 Variable…

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