Essay on Customer Service Standard : Customer Services Standard

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Customer priority – Customer priority means how many customers buys some same products. Most of the customers buys small and 4 seaters cars because these are very good and economical cars. Customers giving prefers to small cars.
Development of customer service standards
Customer priorities – In this point if numbers of customers buy a same kind of product is called customer priorities but here most of the customers buys a small or 4 tires cars and there are so better for the small families.
Plan and develop customer service standard – I taken ace rentals cars company they providing a rentals car to customers. Every business depends on the customers’ demands. Customer service standard depends on the time how much time you take give the car to customer. For example, if customer comes in the company and they told to you I need a one car so we have to fill all the information of the customers. After that we give 10 minutes so we have to give car in the 10 minutes this thing totally depends on the customer service standard.
Implementing of CSS – My company ace rentals cars this is the role we all play for each franchisee is required to follow the role we all need to follow the company obesely how to deal with suppliers in the market will go up franchisor, how staff for management, the basic knowledge of how to staff they work.
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