Customer Service Organization And Its Customer Base Essay

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Customer service reps are the liaison between a company or organization and its customer base. They provide support to customers and clients of organizations across many public and private industries. In most cases, support is delivered in person, or via phone, email, live chat, social media, or some combination of those. Depending on the position, customer service reps may need highly specialized knowledge related to the industry or company. However, these jobs are often well-suited to candidates with a more general background. Here 's what you need to know to decide if a career as a customer service rep is right for you.
What Can You Expect From a Customer Service Rep Job?

As a customer service rep, it is your job to help customers and clients with any question or concern they may have about the products and/or services provided by your employer. The specific responsibilities associated with the job can vary widely depending on the position, but may include:

Listening and responding to complaints. Verifying, correcting, and/or updating account information. Cancelling or upgrading customer accounts. Attempting to dissuade customers from cancelling their service or account. Providing information about the company and its products. Assisting customers with order placement, refunds, exchanges, or delivery issues. Collecting customer contact and payment information. Addressing billing questions and concerns. Answering…

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