Customer Service : Online Shopping Experience Essay

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What Customers Value
Significant compelling needs in the market:
Personalized Customer Service - Customers want in-person service they cannot get online. This is crucial to differentiating your store from the one-dimensional online shopping experience.
Sensory Experience - Retail locations that are visually attractive and appealing are a big draw. Sensory experiences can take opposite forms. If your target market is kids or teens, you might want sensory overload with lots of excitement. If it is moms, you might want a restful, relaxing escape from the stress of daily life.
Fun and Entertainment - Customers no longer have to go to stores to buy, so you have to work harder. It is always been the case that retail is competing for discretionary dollars, but today it is even clearer that your store is competing with other leisure activities like going to a park, museum or sporting event.
A Curated Experience - Buying online is convenient, but can also lead to overload, as anyone who has ever shopped for shoes on can attest. “Consumers often feel overwhelmed by the abundance [of choices] offered online and want retailers to curate,” the report states.
What will give companies a significant competitive edge?
Technological Advances - The sky is the limit when it comes to new technological trends in retailers every year. Here are some new technological trends that are becoming more and more popular, especially in the year of 2016 and giving a huge competitive edge to the…

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