Customer Service Management Essay

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1. Evaluation of customer service management and complaints resolution
1.1 Customer’s needs and preferences
Customer needs defines that customer tend to solve problem with purchase of goods and services. And Martin (1981) who provide of definition Customer’s needs thought that good model to follow in identifying and describing the needs of customers, Identify basic human needs, know the timing requirements for quality customer service.
And anticipate the needs of your customers, Identify customer needs by attentiveness, Identify customer needs by skilful listening and Identify customers’ needs by obtaining feedback.
Customers’ basic needs
- The need to feel:
Welcome : The customer feel with company’s worker welcome
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On the other hand, preference do not cause dissatisfaction whether they are not obtain it, but when they do get it would feel happier.

1.2 Implementation of customer service standards
Setting customer service standards are set of performance which relevant with customer retention, Sales and lifetime values. Happy consumer also promote products, brands and services. This reason will achieve more new customer and get more profit in sales. Particularly, engaging with customers is necessary for company to measure marketing performance through communication between inside of organization and customers.
There are few organization mainly provider of customer supporter such as UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) and American Customer Service Index (ACSI).
Internal measure performance
It is one key to collecting data that make customer data bases could use purpose in terms of recorded customer most appropriate time and finding right information. And it concerns from perception and impression of internal service. Last step, managers need to measure and give feedback to improve before how worker serve towards
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1.4 Problem resolution
The role of customer service in hospitality and tourism In travel and tourism organizations there is a strong concern on desire and satisfying with the customer. There are many distinguish kinds of customers communication
- External users of the service offered
- Internal customers within an organization as identified internal communication is an important internal branding initiative that has to be successfully implemented to ensure brand's success. It is the communication within particular company. Successful internal communication departments know that communication is of a crucial importance. o Kalla(2005) identified four different domains of internal communication: business communication, management communication, corporate communication and organizational communication. All these terms can be used as one single term- Internal communication.
- Other internal within industry o Use our outputs as their inputs to achieved in business target and ultimately satisfy

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