Customer Service Is Becoming A Thing Of The Past Essay

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When was the last time you had extraordinary customer service? If you’ve been to any store here in Lansing, you know it is a rare thing to receive decent customer service. The other day I went to Meijer, and the cashier did not say a single thing to me except for the total. At first I thought it was just me, but I sat on the bench in front of the checkout lane, and I observed it wasn’t me at all. The cashier was just really unfriendly. Many individuals go to work just for the paycheck; to me, it should be more about what the worker can do to satisfy the customer. Unfortunately, exceptional customer service is becoming a thing of the past. Without a strong customer relationship, businesses will begin to fail (“Listening to… pg. 22). Businesses should be required by law to provide comprehensive customer service training.Is it up to the companies to keep their employees happy, and keep the customers coming back? If the employees are happy, one can assume they will treat the customers better. In Judith Lamont’s (a writer for KMWorld) article “Tuning in to Customers” she talks about the special incentives that companies are giving to customers if they shop at their stores. She also notes that some companies are doing all that they can, but they are still struggling to keep up with today’s changing society (“Tuning in to…” 9). If companies are saying they are doing all they can, then where is the proof?
Statistic Brain reports that, on average, “50 million people eat fast food…

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