Customer Service, Infrastructure, And Finances Essay

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One business industry I have knowledge about is the grocery store industry. I worked as a cashier which is at the non-management level for about two years, that job taught me a lot about a business and how they work. It is hard to pick only two business intelligence categories because they are all so relevant in this field. Many people don’t realize what goes into making a company function smoothly and the different bits of intelligence that apply to an industry. A grocery store, I feel, is a good choice to focus on because the business intelligence categories are more pronounced, you see them happening as you walk around a store. I think the business intelligence categories that applies the most to this industry is service, infrastructure, and finances. Most of these categories fall under fine granularity.
Service is very important because the grocery store industry is a service industry. Workers want costumers to come back so they provide them with a great experience from the time they walk into the time they leave. Customer service, I believe, is subjective because in my experience we were just told to greet the customers and recite a few things about savings, but the rest of the conversation we were intended to have was up to us and the customers. Service in this industry does not, directly, lead to commodity since workers on this non-management level is salary based and not tip based. However, with great service customers want to spend their money in that…

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