Customer Service In Banking Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… The committee also identified structural and operational rigidities including the inadequacies in the system and procedures which came in the way of service. It has also suggested noteworthy remedial measures so as to cope with ascending customer expectations/ aspirations levels. It has also suggested upgradation of technology so as to ensure prompt and efficient service, better house-keeping, quicker flow of information and effective supervision, managerial control and last but not the least to have edges on competitive strength. In the matter of work culture and inculcation of greater customer orientation of the bank employees, the committee has suggested various measures but such measures and their implementation hinges on the attitudinal factors of bank …show more content…
The sections are created mainly due to the fact that the formalities are to be complied with as per Govt. of India guidelines or RBI instructions. These sections are to be juvenated and given due importance. Customer service audit and customers charter, functioning of customer service committee in branches/offices, functioning of customer service committee at banker level in big cities, observance of customers day, customer meets are mostly in the form of ritualistic exercises. There is no reward or recognition for customer service in the true sense of the term. The management of complaints/representations is being done in a routine manner. Banks should throw more light on the reasons for such grievances and take steps for streamlining the functioning. More attention has to be given to complaint prone branches/personnel. Complaint prone employees exist comfortably untouched having union affiliations. More often than not customer is also in awkward position and feels otherwise to report against some employees for their stubborn attitude/behaviour in the matter of customer service for various obvious reasons. Customer Relations programmes, periodical meeting with consumer bodies, audio-visual programmes in electronic network are conspicuous by their absence. Eventhough it is obligatory for the visiting executives to give priority to customer service aspects, the same is mostly not properly looked into for various obvious

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