Customer Service, High Quality Products Essays

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Yes, Nordstrom’s strategy is working. The key points in their strategy are to provide excellent customer service, high quality products. They are also continuously trying to be ahead of their competition when it comes to getting the younger and being on the forefront of technology advances. In terms of customer service, they are at the top of their competition because they not only are conscious of the type of people they hire, but also through their return policy. The return policy, simply, is no return policy; there is no time limit and no receipt requirements. This policy helps their customers trust them and the products they sell, because if they are not happy they can return the item without being hassled. In terms of providing high quality products, Nordstrom has opened up an outlet type company, Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack gives them the opportunity to reach the consumers who are all about the value as well as those who look for sales on high quality products.

Supply chain is the channels you go through to get your product. Value chain is how you add value to the products. The value chain that Nordstrom has is the added excellent customer service and the superior in-store shopping experience. Nordstrom knows that you can buy similar product at Macy’s; therefore their value chain is less focused on the product and more focused on the experience. When you walk into their store they have someone to assist you throughout your shopping experience; whether you are…

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