Customer Service For U.s. Businesses : The Decline, Impact, And Revival

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Customer Service in U.S. Businesses: The Decline, Impact, and Revival. Business has always relied on customer relations to exist. If you do not have customers, then you do not have a business. They have a symbiotic relationship. What happens if your employees drive your customers away with bad service? You lose your business and they lose their jobs. If you walked into a company and the first person you see is a receptionist that is on their cell phone and not acknowledging you at all. Is this how you want your company portrayed? No, this is definitely against all good business practices. Even the federal government is having issues with customer service. According to the research ASCI study in 2014 conducted by CFI Group that customer satisfaction with the government was down 2.4%, and this is the second year with a deficit. That is huge considering the vast numbers of federal employees that interact with customers.
Why are so many companies ignoring the most important component of business, the customer? When did the customer become an irritation that you want to go away? It is a mystery. How do you make sure your customers are being taken care of properly and not leaving because of poor customer service, without giving away the store? Training is the best way to ensure your employees can and will excel at customer service. Yet, some businesses feel that training is a waste of time and resources. They need to open their eyes to the reality and focus on improving customer…

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