Customer Service For The Human Services Industry Essay

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Customer Focus
For the last four years I have been working in busy customer service roles. I am required to determine customer needs and provide solutions. For example, as a HR advisor, I would continually attend to front counter relations, often providing continuous help to member of the community that would be looking for work. AS a result, this ensures correct data entry and highly efficient job seeker registrations.

I am passionate and committed to providing excellent customer service and my university degree has seen regular training in customer feedback, customer relations and conflict resolution. I am confident in handling any situation that may arise.

Educating Others
I believe I have the required relevant capability and capacity to educate others. As a professional in the Human Services industry, I am involved in the outcome and procedures that support the purpose and direction of people effected by mental and physical disability as well as continual abuse. For example, my main role as a Quality Officer is to research and implement systems that provides the service in a manner that upholds a person’s safety, wellbeing and human & legal rights. This process requires thorough research and strategic implementation of these policy and procedures that allows those seeking our service to feel purpose, belonging and security. As a result, I have been able to share my developed knowledge to educate and empower other individuals

Supporting productive working…

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