Customer Service Department At Binz Inc. From A Training Program Point Of View

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The Binz Inc. organization is a company that has experienced a significant spike in product sales over the past few months; which resulted in an increased workload for the various departments. The increased workload has put a bit of a strain on the staff, and because of this the production rate has dropped, the sales department is not operating at its full potential, and management fears the customer service department is unable adequately service the customers. It is my intent to discuss the needs of the customer service department at Binz Inc. from a training program point of view. I will propose a few different solutions to the issues found in the needs analysis conducted by Fred Knott. I will also discuss the cost of training, the amount of man hours it may take as well as explain why I chose the plan I did.
Mr. Knottā€™s analysis uncovered a few areas of concern in the customer service department. I believe that the success of an organization starts at the head. Mary is the head of the customer service department and although she has been surrounded by the business for a long time, and may have excellent customer service skills from trial and error; there was no mention of her having any formal supervisor training. I would recommend that she receive supervisor training from the Human Resource department. The topics covered in the training would be employee relations, performance evaluations, employee law, etc. This training can be conducted in house over a span of two to…

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