Customer Service Cases Essay

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Andres Romero

Chapter 3 - Consider this Case

The Boss’s Great Idea (pg. 57)

1. What should Mario do to get his employees thinking about the better listening ideas described in the chart?

What Mario should do to get his employees thinking about the better listening ideas is to make a quick meeting before work and altogether read the better ideas and create scenarios for each one to give examples as to what is meant by each one.

2. How likely is it that people will recognize and change their behaviors based on this brief sage? What else could Mario do?

It is likely that by doing this the employees will recognize and change the behaviors. Another way to reassure they do is by giving incentives to the best customer service performer
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What are the pros and cons from the customers’ perspective?

2. What expectations would you have as you went to shop at their store? Be specific — what would you expect it to like?

3. How can they best stick with their value proposition? What should they avoid?

4. Is customer service in such a low - cost operation less important than it would be in a full service retailer? Defend your answer.

5. How could Mac and Donnie best avoid customer turnoffs? Exceed customer expectation?

Consider This Case (pg. 121-122)

Welcome to an Exceptional Hotel

1. In what way is this a great example of relationship-based customer service? How does it differ from the customer experience at the other hotels you are familiar with?

2. By learning his preferences, the hotel management was able to manipulate a common experience into one that was very personal for Michael. What else might a hotel do? Be creative in brainstorming possibilities.

Chapter 8

Consider This Case (pg. 139)

The Disgusting Restaurant

1. How easy does this company make it to get feedback from customers? What could they do differently if they are genuinely interested in hearing from customers?

2. What is the effect of their requirement that Paul call them with an exact address (considering that there is only one restaurant located at that Interstate highway off ramp)? What message does that requirement send?

3. How do you react to the company’s excuse that this franchised restaurant and

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