Customer Service At The Airline Industry Essay

829 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
It is safe to say that customer service is one of the biggest factors when comes to increasing revenue of a company, and consumers rate customer services as the most important factor when they decide to do business with a company. When a customers experience good service that is something that leaves a lasting positive image of your company to them, and the same can be said for bad customer experience. There is saying that bad news travels faster than good news, and that is true in the customer service department because news of bad customer service reaches more than twice as many ears as good customer service. It is a fact that when a customer is not satisfied they get angry, and having a good and successful business can be based on your capability of delivering good customer service. Companies can improve their customer service by the use marketing strategy, and customer serves from their consumers.

An excellent job was done in putting this article together, which tells us of the importance of customer integration and satisfaction in the airline industry. Research has showed that there is a positive link between high customer satisfaction from customer service and customers’ loyalty. Companies doing research on how to increase their profits should definitely look closely at this, because investing in your customer service department will definitely give positive results. Anyone who puts themselves in the position of a customer would want to be done with a transition…

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