Customer Service At & T Essay

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Customer service is a very large part of a business that is customer services based, which should be all of them. According to Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence, the most important principle of quality management is customer focus. Customers run the business, meaning without customers, the business would be done for. The customers purchase the products, which bring money in to the company and if the customers are not happy then they business will decline. AT&T is a company that I have been with for over 10 years. I have had a mix of both, positive and negative experiences with them. Most currently, AT&T is the second largest wireless company only second in America, only being beat by Verizon Wireless. Being the second largest company, they have one of the most customers when it comes to wireless service. has AT&T making the list of its Customer Service Hall of Shame for the third year in a row. Nearly 19% of customers surveyed rated their experience with the company as poor, a slight jump from last year’s figure of 17.5%. This is bad news for the over 120 million consumers who choose AT&T as their mobile wireless provider. ( For being such a successful company, AT&T has much potential to be the number one wireless company. It is not the products that is keeping this company from being at the top, it is its customer service. The first thing that needs to be done is to strengthen this weakness. This can be done by training. Identifying…

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