Customer Service At My Previous Occupation Essay

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At my previous occupation as a Customer Service Representative our department head whom title was the Customer Service Manager. He was a very influential leader, but didn 't display much management skills in the day to day operations. He possessed good leadership skills that was mainly focused toward the long term strategy for the department, but didn 't show much interest into the short term plans of the department to reach these goals. For instance, he would have meetings with Supervisors and also had powerpoints throughout the department focused toward the company goals, and what 's needed of to reach the goals and earn our annual bonus. According to Wallstreet Journal (2015) " the manager has a short range view; the leader has a long range prospective." In addition, if other leaders higher in the organizational hierarchy proposed goals that he felt was unattainable he 'd make sure to voice his concern to them, and usually the result was the goal was condensed to something everyone felt was attainable. This was certainly one of his strong points. This is concern in leaders as they tend to focus more on challenging the status quo while managers tend to just accept it.

Next, he didn 't display any management skills of planning, organizing, and coordinating the department activities which he usually left for the Supervisors in the department to focus on. At times, he even displayed not having a clue what was essentially was going on in the department, and held meetings to…

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