Customer Service At Amazon And Eventbrite Essay

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The reason a lot of customer service is bad is down to lack of personalisation. Too often, these days’ customers receive a generic e-mail response or have to talk to a machine. Even if they finally are able to discuss the problem with an actual customer service representative, the responses sound read out from a machine.

Eventbrite’s customer service personnel don’t have a set script on what to say and how. According to Kilian, the company only has “basic tenets that we make sure everyone is familiar with and that reflect the quality of service we want to provide, but the rest is really up to them (the customer service representatives).”

At Amazon and Eventbrite, personalised customer service is at the forefront. At Amazon, the customer service department allows you to pick the time of day you like to be contacted – this immediately guarantees the customer a more relaxed experience.

Furthermore, Amazon is very good at gathering customer data to improve on service quality. This shouldn’t just be part of the customer’s purchase history, but also an aspect of customer service. You can improve the customer service experience, if your employees are aware of the customer’s previous experiences and issues.

Convenience and flexibility to customers

Today’s customer service is swiftly moving from traditional methods, such as phone conversations, to online customer service, such as chat options or email services. This shift has been understood well by both Amazon and Eventbrite.…

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