Customer Service At A New Era Essay

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With the introduction of the internet, the very face of business was changed forever, for example the way customers interacted with companies and customer service entered a new era.
Immediately, with this new playing field many of the hindrances that smaller businesses encountered with a brick and mortar store were eliminated, since any company with the right website can appear to be just as reliable as a downtown well known department store. For example, when started they were a web based business with no storefront, and now they are just as respected if not more, than any major shoe store chain. Herein we shall examine how to attract customers to a website and give examples of each.
According to (Watson, Berthon, Pitt, & Zinkhan, 2008, p.40) an attractor is a website that has potential to captivate and also interact with large groups of customers or people.
Furthermore, just attracting people is not enough the site must also be able to interact with clients. Additionally, (Watson, Berthon, Pitt, & Zinkhan, 2008, p.40) state that many firms still have a page that tells about the firm and gives contact information, that is not an attractor that is more of a catalog. In Addition, having a website that engages and keep customers coming back will be a key factor in online success.
Our first Attractor is the entertainment park: so named because the firm will host many games on their site that will be attractive to a large number of people, these sites will be…

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