Essay on Customer Service At A Coffee Shop

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 Customer needs:

 When customer visit coffee shop, than normally they think, they will get good quality as

well as good service on coffee.

 Organization must provide and offer good quality coffee and beverages.

 Customers also looking for good interior of shop and it must be arranged in manners so

they can enjoy their coffee.

 Customer wants:

 Customers will always looking for cheap amount product and they also looking for some

offers like buy one get one free.

 There must be a good atmosphere and good environment around shop.

 Some of the customers like music in the shop and they want quick service and fast

service with quality and quantity.

 Customer expectations:

 Quality and service will play an important role in organization like coffee shop.

 They expect good quality product along with superior service.

 A customer always wants promotional offers even they purchase any product.

2. Customer service

 Customer needs:

 In service and goods sectors, Customers will get excellent service while they buy any


 By giving good customer service, they will give positive opinion to their friends and

relative so it would be an ultimate way of marketing.

 If they have any complains about product so it will be sort out as soon as possible.

 Customer wants

 Customers want excellent and fast service and they want t o solve their problem as fast as

organization can.

 They always are looking for something new about product and…

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