Customer Satisfaction Essay example

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Customer Satisfaction & how can we measure it

By: Omid Nasrollah Mazandarani


As a student of Masters of Business Administration specialization in general management with the background of Bachelor of Industrial engineering the writer has four years experiences in the automobile industry. These experiences and background help me to understand the role of customer satisfaction in terms of organization profitability.


This proposal examines customer satisfaction models for assessing the relationship of overall satisfaction with a product or service and satisfaction with specific aspects of the product or service for organizations having multiple units or subunits. These units could be
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Research attempts to expose these hypotheses to rejection by the empirical test. A study of the specific-general satisfaction relationship in a single organization provides such a test. However, testing the relationship across several organizational units provides an even stronger test in that the theoretical relationship is exposed to additional opportunities for empirical rejection. And, beyond this, if the hypothesized relationship is not found for some units, this offers the possibility of developing richer theoretical hypotheses that take into account the effects of other variables. Much of academic services marketing research is of the single organization sort. It often posits certain effects and evaluates the extent to which the effects hold using a random sample of customers from a single company (Bolton 1998; Garbarino and Johnson 1999; Hallowell 1996; Loveman 1998; Schlesinger and Zornitsky 1991). Occasionally, the effect will be evaluated on a small convenience sample of companies (Parasuraman, Berry, and Zeithaml 1991; Zeithaml, Berry, and Parasuraman 1996). Although such studies are certainly important, they are not strong tests in the above sense. The ideal study would be one with a random sample of organizational units and a random sample of consumers from each selected unit. Thus, for both practical and theoretical reasons, this article focuses on the extent to which specific-general satisfaction effects

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