Customer Satisfaction At The Chicken Coop Essay

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It has been brought to my attention that Mr. Buckmeister and his company, The Chicken Coop, have been having difficulties trying to decipher which route they should choose in order to increase overall sales. As of 1994, sales have unexpectedly and drastically decreased in twenty of their seventy-six stores. It is important to consider all factors when dealing with a problem of this magnitude. Some of the questions that the company needs to consider when dealing with this specific situation is whether to invest in marketing research, how much money they should spend, and what programs need to be funded.
It is apparent that Mr. Buckmeister is a very dedicated and hands-on CEO. He visits his stores unannounced and attempts to deal with problems accordingly, however he cannot figure out why his restaurant sales are steadily decreasing. Anna McMicheal and Trevor Wallace, The Chicken Coop’s top two managers, suggests the company use marketing research to solve this problem. The market research would primarily deal with quality and customer satisfaction at The Chicken Coop.
Anna McMicheal, the Vice-President of Quality, recommends the company invest in a Quality Inspection Program (QIP). During this process, inspectors would go into stores as undercover customers. They would give the company feedback on their overall experience at the given restaurant location. These individuals would also take part in a taste test with the competition’s food as well as The Chicken Coop’s. This…

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