Essay about Customer Satisfaction As The Most Reliable Feedback

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Literature Review
In any business customer satisfactions is most important thing.
Feedback from the customer is valuable for any business. Customer experiences and preference is base line for organization.

1. Customer satisfaction considered as the most reliable feedback.
2. Providing client preferences and experiences.
3. There is general agreement that satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointments resulting from comparing a product’s perceive performance (or outcome) in relation to his or her expectation (Kotler, 2003, P.36).
4. During the last four decades, performance has been taken as one of the most important theoretical as well as practical issues for most marketers and customer researchers (Jamal, 2004).
5. Nowadays, customers are becoming increasingly, less tolerant, more demanding, and critical when they have not met their expectations.
6. Customers feel that they are important and there think
And say truly matters for organization.
Keywords- customer satisfaction, customer preference from prior experience, customer reliability, efficiency
Public transportation is going to make a huge effect for sustainable transportation in the future.
In order to keep and attract more passengers towards public transport it must have a high service quality to satisfy and fulfil the needs of each customer’s need (Anable, 2005).
Satisfaction or dissatisfaction of a customer is influenced by the prior expectations of the level of quality (Ekinci,…

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