Customer Relationship Essay

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Week 8
Assignment 4: Case: Texas Roadhouse Won’t Scrimp on Making Employees Happy

LaTeesha D. Mungin
HRM 500
Dr. Bagwell
Strayer University
November 27, 2011

“If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our customers” is a common phrase. In your experience, is it actually practiced or is it just a cliché on the wall?
I believe that it is just a cliché on the wall because most employers don’t take care of their employees in a way that employees would like them to show appreciation. Most employers don’t follow the phrase. Although most of them are aware of it, but may not believe it applies to the organizations. It is a rare situation for some people to have an opportunity to work for a company that treats
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In addition, employees may be offered flexible scheduling which will assist in handling personal obligations outside the workplace that may not be able to be addressed due to work hours. Another method is to work from home and complete small tasks or assignments that can be performed away from the workplace. This method allows employees an opportunity to meet the demands of work and family, too. Analyze how transferable is the Texas Roadhouse way of motivating employees in other organizations.
The Texas Roadhouse way of motivating employees is not transferable with other organizations due to the fact that other organizations may not have the same vision or loyalty to its employees. In addition, other organizations may not be financially secure to offer the same type of incentives to employees. However, there are some organizations able to motivate employees in the same manner as Texas Roadhouse and would benefit greatly from an opportunity to treat employees extra special. In exchange, the employees may choose to remain working for the said organization if they feel the company is being loyal and fair.
Image advertising will help boost interest in Apple’s employment because of its unique product. Once people see that Apple is looking to hire new talent for the current product line, the image will influence a candidate’s interest in the organization. Especially,

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