Customer Relationship Officer ( Cro ) Essay

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In 2013, I was work in a high-top hotel that locates in Hangzhou National Xixi wetland Park as customer relationship officer (CRO). I was in that position for a half of year, and then I decided to come to the United States. Here I want to talk about this job.
In general, a customer relationship officer works at the Customer Relations department to assist with the needs of customers by responding to the concerns and feedback of customers. My main duty is that, I found any problems and concerns from customers and communicated with other departments in that hotel, and sometimes conduct investigations by collecting their information via telephone calls. More specifically, I was deal with complaints and orders, answer questions about services.
Personal Recognition As a customer relationship officer, I have to give each guest a personal recognition. Generally I would do customer meets and greets arriving guests, and bid them farewell when they leave. I would check the arrival list every day and assist with preparing and distributing welcome amenities. In particular, I would escort VIPs to their rooms and check the rooms before their arrival. In addition, I must log on the day’s activities in a logbook to make sure that the next person on duty is familiar with everything that needs extra attention. By the way, I must always appear in the hotel lobby and have to maintain proper decorum at all times.
Handling Problems Since customer inquiries often involve some kinds of…

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