Customer Relationship Management Software And Policies Essays

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connect to suppliers. "We communicate with our suppliers through the Internet on quality issues, on evaluating suppliers in terms of delivery performance” (Johnson, 2000). An increased presence on the internet has increased marketability, and sales as well. All of these information systems have contributed to increased customer satisfaction, better communication amongst the supply chain, and continuous improvement in quality. Information Technology Recommendation. John Deere would be a very difficult company to recommend radical changes to the information systems currently in use. However, in the age of increased competition, more transparent pricing on the internet and less tendency toward brand loyalty being passed down from generation to generation the best thing to do is to make improvements. A key component to this strategy is by providing “world class” service to overcome some of the obstacles such as reduced profit margins and globalization. The best approach to continuous improvement will be to implement better customer relationship management software and policies. Today’s consumer has many choices to make. A lot of these options are relatively similar. Similar prices, features, warranty etc. The component that can fluctuate dramatically is customer service. A business that is slow to answer phone calls, has a website that is difficult to navigate, and have employees that are rude or incompetent in the eyes of the buyer can quickly lose that customer for…

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