Essay about Customer Relationship Management ( Crm ) Software

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In summary, with the boutique’s market research, we should now infer that Adorable Annie’s has the depth target market in their local area mall that shops in the children’s clothing store our knowledge on the age group of consumer of the store which are mainly women in Fairfax, VA population has 50.5% (Population Estimates, July 1, 2015, V2015) living in the city which is half of the population of 1,125,385 of 2015 (Fairfax County General Overview). However, there is always room for growth in the business, which starts with entering in the e-commerce outlet by composing a company webpage plan with a simplistic ease into the online business world. Also, with the expansion of social media, Adorable Annie’s will be leading towards success with considerable amount of customers.
We discovered the main goal is to create a plan to achieve development into e-commerce outlet by conveying the key points from the boutique’s problem statement:
• Identifying Adorable Annie’s target market by utilizing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
• Generating promotional pricing
• Designing point of purchase (P.O.P) displays
• Launching company website
• Email database for new and current customers
• Expanding the store’s social media outlets
Adorable Annie’s by managing relationships with their customers. CRM software will enhance the store’s product offering along with exceptional customer service, increases responsiveness to make changes in the business environment if…

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