Customer Needs And Developing Direct Feed From Customer Essay example

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To meet the customer requirements you need to the market research in which you need to improve the quality and standard with the values and service you are providing.
a) Customer feedback is needed to overcome the issues and and concerns of a customer with a company or its product, a customer may dissatisfied with your product and tell five or six people about his bad experience which would harm your company business. Feedback allows you to correct the weakness of your products. When you receive feedback from customer, it will help management to take decisions on a product or service you are providing.
C) By understanding the customer needs and developing direct feed from customer in a market place for the research you need or to determine the pricing standard, quality and service of a product that will perform well in a market. At a certain pricing point customer consider a item as a great big deal and can 't buy enough of them, and even if the rate is too low customer do not believe the quality standard or on the brand.
c) Customer requirements through:
Interviews: to identify the customer requirements through interviews you have to focus on the present, past, and the future of the product, by asking them how they think about your product. Asking solution, and resolving factors and thorough brainstorming list of questions regarding product and services to compete in the market.
Focus group: customer requirements identified by focus groups, that help customers to learn…

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