Customer Is Not Always Right Essay

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An Analysis on How to Handle Dysfunctional Customers
And how they affect on Food Servers in selected
Restaurants at Eastwood City

A Method of Research and Thesis Paper
Presented to the Faculty of the Hotel and Restaurant
Management Arellano University - Pasig


In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the
Degree in Bachelor of Science in
Hotel and Restaurant Management

Presented By:
Calinao, Loreinn G.
Tierra, Alyssa Marie G.
Encio, Mary Bless
Estrada, Erik E.
Romero, Jerry

Arellano University – Pasig
Pag-Asa St. Brgy. Caniogan Pasig City

Approval Sheet
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for
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Every guest who enters the establishment is a “very important person”, and it is the responsibility of the food service personnel to see that the customer is waited on quickly, quietly and efficiently, and most of the time customers are thought to be always right. In this study, there is a lot of important contribution to be given in understanding that there are “Dysfunctional Customers”, and that their behaviours have serious consequences. Some customers seem to believe they are right, even when they are wrong, and sometimes they do not realize that the intention of the server is to help them the best way he/she can. Dealing with the customers is the number one priority of the food server, because service is defined as an action and reaction that customers are perceived they have purchased. In Hospitality Industry, it is always possible that food servers will encounter “Dysfunctional Customers”. On that matter, food server is not only responsible in satisfying the needs and wants of their customer but also they need to be well trained and have a full knowledge on how to handle the customers’ complaint, especially from those dysfunctional customers in a good way wherein restaurant’s reputation not be jeopardize, even if you feel you’re right and he’s not, what turns off the customer is for him to proven wrong. In the food industry, when is the confrontation necessary? The answer is

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